Interview with The Veer Union vocalist Crispin Earl

Veer UnionIn 2009, The Veer Union made the top ten of the charts at #7 with their single “Seasons” from their first album Against the Grain. In March, 2012 their sophomore album Divide the Blackened Sky was released and they are currently touring to support the new album. The Blacktooth had the chance to interview vocalist, Crispin Earl, the night after the opening show of the tour.

The Blacktooth: I see your tour to promote the new album just kicked off. How are you feeling about it so far?

Crispin Earl: Last night was our first show of the tour. We were in Fostoria, Ohio and it was completely sold out and was a really great show.

TB: A press release said Divide the Blackened Sky was mostly self-produced and recorded. What went into that decision?

CE: Nowadays we see a lot of bands’ albums being overproduced and producers start changing their sound. This album represents who we are and we are really proud of it. We were able to show our clear vision.

TB: How does the new album compare to Against the Grain?

CE: Divide the Blackened Sky is a more raw sound. It is heavier and darker. We had a lot of ups and downs and thought we saw the worst of it but had more post-Against the Grain. The name of Divide the Blackened Sky comes from that feeling. It feels like a dark cloud overhead with no light and we have to fight to find a little break in the clouds.

TB: What is your favorite song from the new album?

CE: It’s so hard to pick, because all of the songs mean a lot. Buried in the Ground is probably my favorite because it is the biggest departure for doing something different. When I play it, I can picture and know exactly where I was mentally when we wrote it.

TB: Going back to when Against the Grain was coming out, what was your reaction to how well your single “Seasons” did? Doing so well on the charts and being used by the Pittsburgh Penguins as their theme song?

CE: Well, whether it is 1 person, 100, 1000 or 10,000 people, every single person connecting with the song is an amazing feeling. It’s not that it isn’t a big deal, just like when WWE picked it up, but it’s not why we are in this. It’s a great way to get exposure, but any time someone can relate to our music its amazing.

Veer Union Bass

TB: Can you tell me a little about the band?

CE: Everyone was playing in different projects, which is how most bands get started. The thing for us for the most part was not just focusing on the business and the politics of the business. It was a focus on the music instead.

TB: Where did the name The Veer Union come from?

CE: From what I was just talking about the business. We wanted to veer away from the places we were in and come together as a union, making music for the right reasons.

TB: What is something interesting about you that your fans might not know?

CE: I was adopted and had 6 sisters and no brothers. All of my sisters are white and the blood children of my parents.

TB: So far in your career, what has been your favorite place to play?

CE: It is hard to say because there have been so many amazing shows. There are just too many to pick from, but so far the most exciting was to play Rock on the Range and playing with Alice in Chains.

TB: What artists, bands, or genres do you admire most and what were your influences?

CE: I don’t really have any genre or band that I specifically admire, but I have a lot of artists that influenced me. Growing up, I listened to a range of music from Led Zepplin, which got me into rock music, Prog Rock like Rush and Frank Zappa, and I also listened to R & B and Hip Hop like Lauryn Hill. At the same time, I listened to Pantera and Tool. Really I am influenced by music that has true guts and passion and is real music because that is what we’re going for.

TB: Anything else to add?

CE: Yeah, just that there is a brand new record out and in stores now. Also, check us out on our website at or on Facebook ( or on twitter. Definitely go on the social media sites; we are on there all the time.

The Veer Union will be on tour through part of the summer and playing with many bands including My Darkest Days, Smile Empty Soul, Janus, Cavo, Korn, and Godsmack. Their tour schedule is available on their Facebook page.